Armour GS55 Guitar Floor Stand-5pcs



The Armour range of Stands in both fixed or portable configurations supports different guitar styles, even when you have multiple instruments. Keep your stage, studio, or even your home guitar collection organized with this black finish guitar rack, designed to hold 5 guitars. Foam neck and base protection make sure your guitars remain in place. Rubberized feet ensure the stand will safely hold your electric, bass, and acoustics without risk of slippage. And its foldable design means you can take this GS55 on the road or store it away easily.

  • 5 Guitar Rack
  • Suitable for Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Electric, Acoustic, Bass Guitar
Up to 5 Guitars
Metal with Rubber Non-Slip Feet
Foldable. Foam Neck and Body protection. Height adjustable.


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