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Armour KSS98 Keyboard Stand Single Braced



Armour offers quality stands for Keyboards and other traditional instruments to offer flexibility and stability you can count on. The KSS98 has a heavy-duty X-frame design, made to be used with any Keyboard or Stage Piano. Its single braced construction has 5 secure locking positions for stability and versatility. It also has sturdy nonslip feet that make it totally road-ready. The KSS98 has a foldable design which means packing up after a gig and loading out is quick and easy. It has rubberized feet and arms which will securely keep the stand in place, without damaging the surface it is on. It also means your keyboards or stage piano is held in place without risk of slipping. The KSS98 comes in a black finish which is durable and looks great.

  • Keyboard Stand Single Brace
  • Single Brace Design
Metal with Rubber Non-Slip Feet
Height is adjustable with a secure locking mechanism.
Countoured stabilizing rubber on feet and arms.


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