Blackstar 3Wx2 Two Stereo Speaker Guitar Amp with Battery with Effects



Model – FLY PACK

The Blackstar Fly 3 is home to a powerful 3-watt amplifier that drives the built-in 3″ speaker. By including their patented ‘Infinite Shape Feature’ circuitry, Blackstar has ensured that a huge range of tonal versatility is within easy reach. Going from the smooth warmth of a British-style amp to a tighter USA-style amp is as easy as turning knob – yet you’ll be blown away by the complexity of the tones produced. There are two channels – clean and overdrive – contained within this little beauty, giving you have the ability to fetch out everything from crisp cleans to raucous distortion with the greatest of ease. The Fly features a built-in Tape Delay effect with Delay Level and Delay Time controls, enabling you to set an appropriate delay effect with absolute precision.



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