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Adding to the arsenal of feature-packed micro pedals, Flamma is excited to release the FC07 Drive. Harkening back to the vintage tube amps of yore, the FC07 offers precise recreations of classic tube overdrive. With two separate modes to choose from, the FC07 makes it simple to find the right amount of overdrive depending on the situation.

Like similar designs in the Flamma product line, users can choose to use the FC07 in two different modes – Hot and Warm. Set to Warm, the little Flamma overdrive pedal provides warm and creamy vintage tube sounds while the Hot setting unpredictably raises the stakes for powerful tube tone with huge crunch and boost. Other standard features of the FC07 include true-bypass mode, tone and overdrive knobs to tweak, and only requires a 9v power supply. These features plus a compact body allow the FC07 to fit comfortably on any pedalboard!


1. Two separate modes to choose from: Warm or Hot.

2. True Bypass Switch

3. Very small and compact design.


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