FLAMMA INNOVATION FV03 Character Vocal Effect Pedal


Adding to the brand-new lineup of vocal effects pedals from Flamma is the FV03 Character vocal reverb and sound effects pedal. The FV03 allows users to create hilarious and life-like vocal effects to add unique sounds to your live show or musical project. Choose from three reverb effects to add body and weight to your voice while also choosing from Male, Female, Baby, or three different Robot voice effects! Singers can also switch between WARM, BRIGHT, and NORMAL modes, with each mode indicating the type of EQ manipulation provided by the pedal.


The FV03 is designed to be easily integrated into your pedal setup by offering mixed or individual signal in/out options for your guitar, microphone, or both. Knob layout includes Reverb effect selection and volume, vocal effects mode selection, and a Mix knob to set the levels of effects to your dry signal. Input and output options feature Mic in with XLR balanced out as well as Guitar in/out channels. Balanced output grounding switch and a phantom power switch are also included to help with setup in a variety of different situations. Get creative and add some characters to your live show with the FV03 Character from Flamma Innovation!


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