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NEWTONE Phosphor Bronze11-52 Master Class Acoustic 6 string , Phosphor Bronze


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Welcome to Newtone Strings. The home of British Handwound Musical Instrument strings.

Based near Matlock, Derbyshire  UK we produce high quality, handmade music strings for a wide range of steel strung instruments.

Being a small-scale manufacturer with 30 years experience, our approach to string making is similar to that of a skilled luthier.

At Newtone, we are proud of our large selection of ‘standard’ sets, covering a wide variety of instruments and styles of playing. More exclusively, we offer a bespoke service to find the perfect strings for you and your instrument.

Each player and their instruments are unique and we embrace this. Crafting the perfect strings to suit specific tunings, to overcome a particular tonal characteristic or  simply enhance playability.

Also offering our strings for unusual scale lengths or extra long, suitable for unusual tailpieces which mass-produced strings will not fit.

Most things are possible, and we are happy to help.

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