Promark R5AFG Rebound 5A Fire Grain Drumsticks



Promark’s most durable Rebound 5A ever. FireGrain is a revolutionary heat-tempering process that transforms ordinary hickory drumsticks into precision tools with unprecedented durability.
While keeping their original weight, balance, and attack, Promark FireGrain sticks allow drummers to hit harder and play longer, naturally.
No excess vibration, no space age gimmicks, just natural hickory, hardened by flame.
The Rebound 5A features a long, 3″ taper to optimize finesse and agility.


Fire Grain model
Material: Hickory
Acorn tip
Wood is naturally hardened by flambéing, completely preserving the weight and balance
Material    Hickory
Nylon Head   No
Tip    Acorn Shaped
Length in mm   406 mm
Handle Diameter in mm  14,3 mm
Weight in g   51,0 g


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