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Havana DP-X4 New Mexico Sparkle Acoustic Drum (Box A + B) Looks Like Red Color



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X4 Series is the extension of Peace’s Classic, but much easier to carry and looks more professional. The cymbal boom stand is designed to be closer to the floor which shows the stability is higher than others. You might think the stand is quite heavy since the tube is thick. Don’t worry about the weight because it’s not that ponderous as you see. Instead, it’s light to carry! X4 is a four-piece with a 9-ply Mahogany drum set which includes a snare stand, cymbal stand, cymbal boom stand, and hi-hat stand. Moreover, the suspension system is rigid enough so that it can endure the drummer’s powerful hit; and the TomTom holder-DA 141 gives it 360° placement freedom to adjust the position you want. X4 Series can be said the classic of classics and can bring you the perfect enjoyment!


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